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The Information Technology industry has had exponential growth over the last two decades. The Digital world landscape has been entirely changed with new technology entering the market every year. From Microsoft’s Windows 3.0 to the development of personal computers, smart-phones and tablets, have changed the way we look at the world now. The Robust growth in the Information Technology (IT) sector has resulted in an ever increasing demand for hundreds of Professionals who are proficient with the new technology. Businesses are challenged with staying ahead of the latest trends and competitive developments while also building a responsive and agile IT capability to support growth.

As per estimate by an independent research, there will be a need of about 725,000 IT personnel in the United States alone by the end of 2025. Staffigo’s IT Staffing services helps tech companies to painlessly locate and hire qualified IT personnel and staff for their business needs. IT staffing and recruiting firms are committed to fill the gap between the demand and supply of IT professionals in the rapidly growing tech world. We achieve this by providing efficient manpower and staffing. We also help the industry continue to advance by connecting the best tech talent with the most rewarding companies—creating a win-win situation.

Our Hiring Process

The hiring process, includes several steps through which a potential job applicant goes through so as to ensure the quality in the professionals we recruit for our clients. Right from getting the requirement from our client, working on a job description, required skill sets etc, our hiring process makes sure that the transition of a candidate to becoming an employee is well organized keeping both the client and candidate in the loop at all times. The Infographic below gives a Birdseye view our recruitment process.

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Current Openings

iOS Developer

iOS Developer

iOS developers are responsible for building intuitive and eye-catching apps that look good on both smaller iPhone and larger iPad screens. Knowledge in object oriented programming and objective-C is a must. View Current Openings

dot net developer

.Net Developer

A .NET Developer is skilled at developing cutting edge web applications using .net framework. The role requires the design, development and implementation of applications which provide solutions to business problems.View Current Openings

healthcare business analyst

Healthcare Business Analyst

Healthcare business analysts seek to bolster the efficiency and profit of medical facilities by evaluating their financial activity, data management and services.View Current Openings

quality analyst

Quality Analyst

A Quality Analyst is responsible for applying the quality assurance practices throughout a software’s development life cycle. Experience in handling Quality Management Software and Processes is a must. View Current Openings

Java Developer

Java Developer

JavaScript developers program using this scripting language to improve and upgrade the designs and functionalities of websites apart from using it to build complex web based application.View Current Openings

Cognos Developer

Cognos Developer

Cognos is IBM’s business intelligence (BI) and performance management software. Developers will be responsible for developing a scalable Data Warehouse architecture to accommodate business change and growth.View Current Openings

Cognos Developer

Oracle DBA

Oracle database administrators perform a variety of functions related to Oracle database systems. These include but are not limited to database security, user accessibility, optimize system performance, design data backup etc.View Current Openings

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