Cover Letter Checklist

A Cover letter allows you to showcase your skills, interest, and intent. It is used to expand upon the information in your resume particularly as it relates to your work experience. Crafting the perfect cover letter is extremely important. It allows you to explain in detail, how and why you are the perfect fit for a particular position.

Cover letter basics
Length of Cover letter to be a single page or less.
It should contain five essential components:

  • The greeting
  • The opening paragraph
  • The body paragraph(s)
  • The closing paragraph
  • closing salutation

Appearance and inclusion of Contact information

  • Customize it to the needs and requirements of the job ad you are responding to.
  • Address it to a particular individual (the hiring manager) or a particular department.
  • Mention in the opening paragraph the name of the job and the company you are applying to and key strengths within the first few lines of text.
  • End your cover letter by confidently requesting an interview.
  • Contact information to be at the close of the letter, in the closing paragraph.

Writing style and substance

  • The Letter should be thorough yet concise.
  • The Letter should connect your skills, experience, and talents to the candidate that needs to be profiled in the job.
  • Check if your letter is free of any excess information that does not tie to the job you are applying to.
  • Have a basic knowledge of what the company does and portrays it in a letter.
  • Read the letter from the employer's perspective and see if it addresses what they are looking for in an applicant.
  • Focus the letter on what you can do for the Company and what the Company can do for you.
  • Make sure your resume matches up. Make It Memorable and Unique.
  • Proofread your cover letter to ensure that it’s free of spelling, grammar, syntax and formatting errors.

Cover Letter Best Practices Well-crafted cover letters, while not required, can influence your chances of securing an interview! Keep in mind that the company already has your resume, so use your letter to demonstrate your interest, key qualifications, refute potential candidate concerns or red flags, provide examples of your work, and showcase a little of your personality.

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