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1. Hundreds of People Are Applying for the Same Job
Did you know that a typical corporate job posting will attract 100+ resumes on average?
With this in mind, you might want to think twice before just throwing your resume in with the other 99 again and again. I know, that number’s scary. But it’s a good reminder of why you do need to tailor your application and put in that extra energy.

2. The Job Search Drags on (for Everyone)
On average, it takes many weeks to fill a job opening. In other words, this won’t be a fast process. And that’s something to keep in mind when you see an opening that looks amazing. It’s also something to remember when you’re waiting to hear back after an interview. While “having patience” is easier said than done, it’s certainly key.

3. Employers and hiring managers review applications in seconds
Hiring managers review applications only within an average of six seconds. If your resume fails to impress them, it will surely ruin your chances. Thus, you need to make your document as engaging and reader-friendly as possible. Keep it to one page, include relevant experiences, and run a spell-check. While a quick scan might be too short for employers to assess your skills, they can catch any typo error or grammatical mistake you’ve missed. Be sure you submit a faultless resume.

4. Accomplishments Matter
A resume isn't a place where you just stack on a new section every time you add a new job or volunteer opportunity. You should be picky about which roles, skills, experiences, and accomplishments you include -- all based on the role you're applying for.

So unless you're applying for a job that requires lifeguarding skills, you can leave out your summer lifeguarding job from college. If you're further down your career path, list the more recent roles you've had that complement the job you're applying for.

The only exception here is if you're still in college, or you're a recent college graduate with limited experience and you need to "fill out" your resume a little bit. In that case, don't just write that you were responsible for monitoring the waters for people in need of saving; glean relevant skills, such as learning how to resolve challenging, ambiguous situations.

5. The modern job search requires networking and application to job postings
Decades ago, most job searchers applied blindly. Today, however, applicants can do networking and apply to various job postings. If you only take the former approach, you will miss many great opportunities. You need to do both. We can help you with your job search. Submit your resume and we will connect with you shortly.

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