8 Reasons Why IT Candidates Miss Out on a Job Offer

It’s a sad reality when a candidate who is an excellent fit for the company miss out on receiving an offer due to an unfortunate and often unintentional mistake during an interview. 

Here are some common mistakes candidates make. 

  1. Didn’t research the company
    You being prepared before an interview is essential. Just imagine when your interviewer asks you a question and you don’t know the answer.
    What would your reaction be? It shows that you did not take your time to learn about this organization and that you are not interested in the job at all.

    This form of a question is typically asked very early on in most interviews. You want to make sure that you have gathered some information on what the company does, their background, and other details. 

  2. Have no questions
    If you have no question, the interviewer might assume that you are not interested in the position. It is imperative always to have some questions prepared. It’s good to ask a question regarding your position. You can ask the interviewer about their opinion on the company and their job position. Depends on how they answer it can give you a better understanding of the company. We recommend at least asking 2-4 questions. Even asking for clarification is a wise move.  You can check out this blog post for more details. Questions to ask in an interview .

  3. Dress code 
    Most interviewers first look at how you present yourself to an interview. It is vital to wear formal business attire for the interview. A clean and neat professional appearance is an essential step in making an excellent first impression.

  4. Poor attitude
    There are many ways you could show you are unprofessional during an interview. Like profanity, speaking negatively about your co-workers, managers, and clients. This is not acceptable during an interview. Even if the environment is more laid back and casual, you are supposed to keep it business professional at all times.
  5. Overconfidence 
    This is a factor that we recommend that you put aside during an interview. You might have 10 years of experience in a field, and you might know that field of work better than anyone.

    The perception you create during an interview can have a significant impact on whether or not you get hired. When you are overconfidence, it might get you off guard when you are asked a question. Rely on your research and not your assumptions. 

  6. Poor communication 
    Poor communication skills are a reason for a qualified candidate to miss out on job offers. Poor communication skills can be verbal and non-verbal. Some of the non-verbal skills are eye contact, tone of your voice, and your facial expressions. All of these are a major give away. Check out our blog on Body language for more information.

    Some verbal tick or filler words such as, "um," "you know," and "like" these words are often used when you are either nervous or afraid of the silence. If you can't find the right words, it is better to pause for a few seconds and gather your thoughts before responding.

    The more prepared you are at answering some common interview questions and explaining your qualifications, the more confident you'll be during an actual interview.

  7. Unprepared 
    Being unprepared for an interview will not get you any far. During your actual interview, you will be very sloppy with everything.

    Proofread your resume and your cover letter, if that doesn't satisfy you ask a friend to proofread it for you. Spelling mistakes, typos, and bad grammar will make it look like you cannot write correctly and that you don't pay attention to detail or will show a lack of interest in the job. Any of those can keep you from getting the job. 

    Check out Pre-Interview Reflection and Strategy Exercise in 10 points.

  8. Going off-topic
    When you take a long time to answer a question, it usually is a product of nerves as mentioned in issue #7, pause, and gather your thoughts. Don't go rambling for a long time it will throw the interviewer off, and you don't want to do that. If you think you didn't ask a question as they wanted you too, ask if you want them to clarify anything or explain further.  

    Review these topics before your next interview, and you can highlight any reasons which you might need to work on.
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