Questions to Ask In Your Interview

You know how at the end of an interview the person conducting it asks "Do you have any questions for me?"You know you are supposed to ask something, but you can’t think of anything.

If you have no question, the interviewer might assume that you are not interested in the position. It is imperative always to have some questions prepared. It’s good to ask a question regarding your position. You can ask the interviewer about their opinion on the company and their job position. Depends on how they answer it can give you a better understanding of the company. We recommend at least asking 2-4 questions. Even asking for clarification is a wise move. 

Well, here are some questions that you can have ready for your next job interview. 

Do some research
Well, this isn’t exactly a question, but doing some research about the company before attending the interview will help you be prepared. Check the company’s website for the company’s culture, or anywhere else you can get reliable information on the company. It will show that you have taken the initiative to do research and that you are serious about the job.  

What does success look like for this position? 
This question can give a cue to cover your strengths and experience could achieve the success they describe. It shows that you have already started thinking about how you can be helpful if you got the job. 

What has your experience been like working for this company?
This question is like asking how is it working there; this question might not be useful in various ways. However, this might give you an idea of the interests of the company. You will have an idea of how this company operates beside just work.

What do you like about working here at this company?
Depending on how the interviewer answers the question, you will get a better idea of whether or not the work environment is what you are looking for. If you are feeling bold, you can follow up with a question asking them what they don’t like. Even a non-answer can give you an idea of how things really are.

  • Sum up what you’ve learned about the position during the interview, then ask, “Is that accurate? Or, “Did I leave anything out.”

This shows that you are a quick learner and a good listener, who can absorb and file away necessary information. This may give you a few more opportunities to relate your skills and experience to any more details they provide you in response to the position. 

 Try these next time you have an interview and nail that interview.

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