Body Language Tips

Practicing and enhancing your body language is just as important as preparing for common interview questions.

Put on your confidence even before your interview commence. Try to relax and look over everything. When you sit down in the waiting area place your purse or briefcase on the left side. So, it wouldn't make it awkward when you are trying to shake the interviewer's hand and grab your stuff as well. 

  1. Handshake
    The interview will most likely start with a handshake. Studies show that handshake plays an essential role in the first impression. So, try to practice your handshake and make 01it count. Your shake should be neither bone-crushing nor lightly. Aim for a firm shake and as you shake make eye contact and smile.  

  2. Use hand gestures while speaking
    If you don't know what to do with your hands, use your hands to gesture when you talk. Stopping natural hand gestures may lead to awkwardness.

  3. Sit  all the way back in your seat  
    Don't slump, keep your back straight, and lean forward slightly to indicate interest. Try to maintain this position and don't lean all the way back fully that might show that you are bored.

  4. Avoid crossing your leg 
    Try to avoid crossing your leg during an interview because if you are in a lengthy interview, your leg might fall asleep. When you readjust it, that could come across as fidgeting.  Plant your feet on the ground.

  5. Suppress certain habits
    If you have a habit of biting your nail, cracking your knuckles, or taping your leg, don't allow these habits to make an appearance during your interview. It will appear as unprofessional and convey nerves.

  6. Eye contact 
    It's imperative to make contact during your interview, but don't mistake that with direct constant eye contact. That is awkward and disconcerting. At the same time, avoiding eye contact might show that you are distant or can make it seem like your answers are dishonest.
    Balance it out, make eye contact as you listen and respond to questions. Also, allow yourself to break occasionally. Just think to yourself, how would I make eye contact while having a conversation with a friend? 

  7. Work on your walk
    People judge within 7 seconds of meeting you. How you walk into the interview room is a part of that judgment.

    Bonus tips :
    Walk and talk in a phone interview to boost your confidence. Try it! It does help.
    Check out some Body language tips during a Skype interview here.
    Practice the tips above to help you during an interview.  Even if your responses to questions are flawless, the wrong body language can send the wrong signal and sour how you're perceived.
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