1. Do your homework 
    Research and know the company's basics and more. Look to see the latest company news and new projects. Also, don't forget to look up the interviewer and the general manager - LinkedIn is an excellent place to start.

  2. Prepare ahead 
    It is imperative to prepare ahead. Proofread your resume and your cover letter, if that doesn't satisfy you ask a friend to proofread it for you. 

  3. Eat adequately
    Be mindful of what you eat and drink before an interview. Eat a small portion of food before your interview, so your stomach doesn't growl during your interview, and so you don't get light-headed from eating anything at all. If you consume a heavy meal before your interview, it can make you tired, so eat adequately.

  4. Dress smart
    Most interviewers first look at how you present yourself to an interview. It is vital to wear formal business attire for the interview. A clean and neat professional appearance is an essential step in making an excellent first impression. 

  5. Know about your role 
    Research your position, and if you had the same place in your previous job, prove to them that you are good at it. 

  6. Know what the employers want
    During your interview, you should present a balance of enthusiasm, skills, and confidence. Employers look for people who are flexible and can get the job done.
  7. Good first impression 
    Treat everyone you meet with respect. Use your first few seconds to create a positive tone. Sincere smile, friendly greeting, approach with a firm handshake.

  8. Critique your resume  
    As mentioned in #2 have someone critique your resume and give you feedback.

  9. Mock interviews 
    It's as much as mock interviews that you do because it will feel confident during your interview.

  10. Have everything prepared 
    The night before your interview get everything prepared, pick out your outfit. Practice standing in front of the mirror and practice as well.    

  11. Practice sitting gestures 
    The way you sit during an interview should show that you are interested in the job. Don't slump, keep your back straight, and lean forward slightly to indicate interest. Try to maintain this position and don't lean back fully that might show that you are bored.

  12. Practice common interview questions 
    Know commonly asked questions. The more prepared you are at answering some common interview questions and explaining your qualifications, the more confident you'll be during an actual interview.  

  13. Ask questions 
    It's good to ask a question regarding your position. You can ask the interviewer about their opinion on the company and their job position. You can ask them about the companies next project and how success has been for the company.

  14. Pace yourself 
    If you can't find the right words of choice, it is better to pause for a few seconds and gather your thoughts before responding.  

  15. Smile and keep a positive attitude
     You know the feeling you get when you are finally going on that trip you've been planning for a long time? Yeah, you should get into that hype state when you get there. So, before you walk into the interview room slap on a happy face and reflect your enthusiasm.

  16. Be real 
    Be you and don't try to change who you are during an interview. The company wants to see the real you. 

  17. Maintain eye contact 
    It's imperative to make contact during your interview, but don't mistake that with direct constant eye contact. At the same time, avoiding eye contact might show that you are distant or can make it seem like your answers are dishonest. Also, allow yourself to break occasionally.

  18. Don’t overshare 
    If they ask you to tell them about you, don't overshare your personal life or, in general, don't overshare. Keep it professional and short.   

  19. Show you are ambitious 
    Show them that you want to work there, and you are an energetic person.  

  20. Sell yourself 
    Position yourself as the solution. Share what has made you, what you are today, and why you are the right candidate for the job.

  21. Be engaged 
    Be as friendly and engaged as you can with everyone you interact with the company. 

  22. Bring a notebook 
    Doing this is yet another signal that you are dedicated and detail-oriented because you can take notes on the details of your position during the interview.

  23. Have a list of reference 
    Have a list of 2-3 people who know you well. Trust your recommendations. First, tell them about the job you are applying for and ask them if they're willing to recommend you for it. 

  24. Be on time 
    Show up to the interview at least 15 minutes early. Plus showing up a little bit early makes an excellent first impression.

  25. Write back after the interview 
    Follow up within a day and send a thank you note for everyone for their time. Remind them that you are the best candidate. 

The best way to ensure that you are that hiring recruiters number one pick is to do everything you can to build skills and experience that set apart from the competition.

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