Why Staffigo Technical Services, LLC?

The Staffigo team comes from a diverse background that cuts right across the spectrum of IT Staffing & IT Consulting for a multitude of companies, ranging in their needs - from some of the Fortune 500 to brand new startups. Personally, we've encountered a few difficult situations in our own careers with employers, and we know what it means to be in your shoes.

Unlike most other IT staffing & IT Consulting firms, we place a firm emphasis on personal interaction. We prefer to meet with our clients to better understand their needs, and to make sure we cover all the possible facets of what they are looking for. We use goal-oriented techniques to make sure that we maximize returns from avenues like internet marketing and digitally based solutions.

Even with all the technological advances in today's professional arena, we know that nothing can truly replace that personal touch. We aim to make work life easy so that you can focus on what's hard. From the time we begin working with a resource we constantly strive to dot all the 'i's and cross all the 't's to ensure their placement as soon as possible.

What sets us apart from the competitors in this business?

Our team is both young and driven, with extensive experience in both Client Retention & Acquisition while also building relationships with complex networking players in the US to help your journey as an IT consultant. All our resources that can help you through this process, are highly engaged in the Internet Networking world and have engaged over 10,000 Vendors and Customers. This input will help you in actualizing ROI and sustaining a truly competitive advantage in the fast-changing and ever-evolving market of IT Staffing & IT Consulting. We are determined to show you why choosing us over our competitors, means great things for your bottom line. We take pride in being a transparent, needs-based organization, and are fully confident in earning your trust by simply giving you the best we have to offer, always.

Is H1B Transfer risky?

The transfer of an H1B visa is not risky in any way if you have your paperwork in order. It is your right as the visa holder to be able to transfer to whoever is willing and able to support your petition. Our H1B transfer consultants work with highly respected immigration experts who are assured of success or will not accept a case for your petition if they feel otherwise. We have more information on the topic of transferring an H1B visa here - https://www.staffigo.com/blog/2018/01/10/can-h1b-visa-holders-change-employers-in-the-usa/

How long does it take to get a project?

This period can vary from applicant to applicant because it all boils down to the differences in each one's strengths and weaknesses? At Staffigo, we have highly trained Business Analysts at work to ensure that you receive the attention necessary to make the right fit for the right position. Having the most suitable applicant fill a role that is most beneficial to both parties, is what we consider the ideal solution.

What are the various types of benefits do you offer

When it comes to the different situations that applicants find themselves, our associates understand better than most, because we've all been in those shoes at some point. Keeping that in mind, we offer benefits that are better than any we've seen on offer from our competitors. Sick Pay, Holiday Pay, Health Insurance, Vision Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401 k etc. We encourage you to get in touch with us to learn more about what we offer or speak to your manager to know the details of the benefits you are entitled to.

Is the company E verified?

Yes,we are e-verified, if you would like confirmation, or to request a letter, please get in touch with one of our associates, and we'd be happy to help?

Do you sponsor H1b Visa?

Yes, highly qualified resources are always under consideration. Please speak to an associate to schedule an evaluation.

My H1b petition received an RFE while petitioning or transferring, how we tackle this situation RFE means Request for More Evidence. Our immigration team is highly experienced, and petition for over 100,000 visas a year, with an extremely varied case list. All of our cases are analyzed well before petitioning, so typically, once all the requirements are met, an RFE would never appear in the first place. however, there might be extenuating circumstances, so if it does happen, our team will work with you to respond to the USCIS with all the necessary documentation.

Why is it important to relocate when looking for positions with Staffigo?

The IT Industry is very competitive in the US, only the best and the brightest can secure a position with our extensive client list. With that being said, if you restrict yourself to only one location, your chances of getting a position are minimized because your target area has shrunk to just that one locality. However, if you open yourself to the options available across different cities, you are creating more opportunities for yourself, and a higher chance of landing that dream job.

What category do you sponsor Green Cards?

Only highly qualified resources are considered for sponsorship. We sponsor resources under EB2 (Employment-Based Category 2) & EB3 (Employment-Based Category 3) - We'd advise you to please speak to an associate for a more detailed evaluation.

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