Having a bad reputation at work does not set you up for success. Being labeled as lazy, irresponsible, sloppy, or unreliable. All of these can have adverse effects on your performance and maybe even your employment status. Did you catch people saying these things about you or did it end up in your performance review? It’s time to whip yourself into shape. Perhaps the worst label to be branded within your workplace is “unresponsive.”

Being unresponsive sends a message to your boss and co-workers that you don’t care about what you’re doing. It means you have more important things to do. We are living in a fast-paced society that demands our attention. he rules for how to respond and when to respond are always changing, but with a little guidance, you can shake off that unwanted, “unresponsive”  label. 

First, it is essential always to respond as soon as you can. Most likely, you will forget if you put things off for later. Whether it’s a missed phone call, an email, or a text message, get back to the person as soon as possible.  Most likely, you will forget if you put things off for later.

Do respond to your emails within 24 hours. Emails must get responded to as soon as possible if it is from your boss or another co-worker. Because these are the people, you are directly working with. It might be valuable for the person to get information from you to continue working on their project, and not responding could delay the process and even delay the company. Another reason it is crucial to respond to emails within 24 hours is that the longer you wait, the more buried in your inbox it can get. A flooded inbox is familiar to many people. You can easily lose unresponded emails.

When it comes to texts or phone calls, it is best to respond within 24 hours. Earlier in the case of your boss. Apps nowadays can tell that you have read the message or are available to take calls. Yet you have decided not to respond to a text or phone call. It is likely the person on the other side knows you’ve seen the notification and have chosen not to respond. Choose to send the right message about the kind of worker you are by responding promptly. 

It is also essential to understand your workplace culture. If you are not expected to work after office hours, work on the weekends can wait. Once you get a notification, respond to any time-sensitive job quickly.

To ensure the best outcome, turn on your notifications for emails and text messages. Without notifications, it is hard to know when you’re getting emails and texts. This will make it harder to respond on time.

Get rid of that unwanted “unresponsive” workplace label by responding sooner and watch your entire work experience change.