I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t get nervous before a job interview. It is ok to be nervous before an interview, and it’s not shocking that you would feel or experience some anxiety. Anxiety about everything in the process-from not knowing the right outfit to wear to not answering the questions or maybe the fear of failing to get the job.

Feeling anxious and stressed about a job interview can be a good thing because it shows that you care.

Some interview nerves = Good
Lots of interview nerves = Bad

1. Use Your Stress as Adrenaline

The anxiousness can help you be prepared, motivated, and keep you alert during the processes. On the other hand, anxiety can make you distracted or weaken your memory keeping you from doing your best.

2. There’s no such thing as too much preparation

It’s imperative to be prepared. Make sure you have everything you need on the day of your meeting. It will be beneficial to keep everything organized.

3. Your diet on the Day

Be mindful of what you eat and drink before an interview. Eat a small portion of food before your interview so your stomach doesn’t growl during your interview, and so you don’t get light-headed from eating anything at all.  If you consume a heavy meal before your interview, it can make you tired, so eat adequately. 

4. Make an Interview Cheat Sheet

Use your anxiety to give you the motivation to prepare and be alert. Practice how to respond to questions, practice your handshake, and practice talking about your skills. You cannot control what they may ask you, but you can control what you prepare.

5. Mock interview

Doing a mock beforehand will help you fix errors. You can give your interview questions to your friend or a family member to interview you. 

6. Arrive early

Make sure you arrive on time, at least arrive 30 minutes early.

7. Gather your thoughts and take a second before answering any questions.

When you are attending the interview, make sure you pay attention to everything that they tell you.

8. Greet others

Anxiety causes us all to become self-centered and self-focused. So, try to get outside of yourself and focus on something else as you arrive. You can greet the receptionist and ask how their day is going. Engage with others who are also there at your interview location.

9. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

It’s not crazy to talk to yourself. It’s smart and scientifically proven to help motivate yourself. Tell yourself all the things you need to hear: you’re smart, you’re qualified for this role, you’re getting a job today. Say it out loud and say it with confidence. Make sure you find a quiet place to do it.

10. Pacing Yourself

If you find yourself stumbling over your words, You are Anxious. Nervousness tends to make you speed up your actions and your speech. It can also prompt you to speak before you consider the question properly.

You will probably always experience some amount of anxiety, and that is certainly not a bad thing at all. Being prepared beforehand and doing a mock will always make you feel prepared and confident.  Use these tips to calm and cope with your anxiety.

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