Business Analysts are generally considered the most valuable resources in virtually every sector. A business analyst empowers a company to attain its goals by wearing different hats.

This particular role is considered as the best entry point to the flourishing IT industry. Here are the reasons why Business analyst is the best gateway to the IT industry

1. Chances for interacting and networking

The role has a lot to do with people interaction and the business analyst gets the chance to work closely with all the individuals involved with the project. Starting from the project team to the end users.

The major perk of being a business analyst is the opportunities to interact with the high-level management namely the CEOs and the presidents of the companies. The BAs get the chance to travel often, analyze the sophisticated processes in challenging environments and continually widen their network.

2. Quick paced career

Business Analysts juggle multiple roles through the day rather than sitting in a chair doing the same old work. The job profile involves a various range of tasks like brainstorming with clients, analyzing requirements, researching opinions, jotting down the requirements, managing the team members and presenting the project to the clients. The best part of the job is the new challenges that pop up every day, leaving zero scopes for boredom. 

They also get chances to manage various departments of the project when they are free and flexible. Undoubtedly, a Business Analyst role is the best launch pad for anyone with the thirst to excel in IT industry.

3. Guaranteed career growth

After gaining a solid base of three to five years of experience the business analyst has multiple options to carry his career forward. He can either choose to be a Functional Analyst by specializing in an articular domain or venture directly into Project Management.

Thus, this particular job profile caters to multiple spheres of the IT sector and has an unquestionable growth if the individual properly utilizes the opportunities given to him.

4. Chance to see the bigger picture

Irrespective of their job role, everyone wishes to see the bigger picture (i.e) the results of their hard work for the company. On the other side, they would also wish to know the reasons for certain schemes and plans implemented in their organizations rather than bluntly following them.

Being a business analyst one can understand the entire mechanism of the organization and understand why things are done in a particular way. As the analysts travel with the project from the time of its inception to the point where it reaches the customer, they can easily understand their significance in the process and this ultimately gives them a greater job satisfaction.

5. Greater visibility and respect

As the business analyst plays a major role in any project, a success result would definitely gather than a lot of respect and attention in the organization. Since the analysts have exposure to multiple departments of the organization their works and efforts are very keenly noticed by everyone.

They also get a lot of chances to interact with the top level management and get familiar with them. Commendations and accolades keep them pumped up and urge them to aim higher. Not many job profiles have the perk of interacting with such top-level management within a short period of time.

6. Attractive remuneration

Business Analysts are paid based on their experience, skill sets, and achievements. And it’s definitely a safe career to bet on, as the average salary of BAs is fairly high across the globe. The career path is definitely filled with a lot of challenges but the job satisfaction at the end is fairly high. It is a flourishing career with multiple options for progress and growth.

7. Chance to be the change makers

Managing requirements is the foremost responsibility of any analyst and in the constantly shifting economy, requirements are always subjected to changes. Business Analysts are a vital part of a change in any management.

They collect the change requests, measure the feasibility of change, inspect the impact of change and project limitations, confront resistance to change, and workarounds to make the change happen. All these actions improve the skills and endurance of an analyst and enable him to be prepared for bigger challenges.

Thus, becoming a Business Analyst is one of the best decisions anyone with a drive to excel in IT industry can make. As the scope for growth is virtually limitless in this profession. If you feel you’ve got a passion to become a professional business analyst contact “Staffigo” right now.

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