To understand this – we would first need to understand why a Business Analyst is needed. What happens in the software development life-cycle? Why does a project team need a Business Analyst? Does the Business Analyst (BA) take part in the whole process of the software development life-cycle?

There are many questions that can be answered.

Let’s start with understanding how a project goes from design to execution from the diagram below.

From Fig 1, you see how a typical waterfall methodology within SDLC takes place; reaching production from the Business Requirements Gathering Stage. In Fig (1) the highlighted portion is where the BA plays a very important role.

Part A of a BA role –

The Business Analyst gathers requirements in various artifacts or documents as required by the project (highlighted in figure 1 in yellow.)

Some of these include and are not limited to –

  1. Business Requirements Document – BRD
  2. Functional Specification Document – FRD
  3. Technical Specification Document – TSD
  4. Creating Project Changes (PCR -as in Fig 1)

Part B of a Business Analyst Role –

  1. Manual Testing
  2. UAT
  3. Post Production Validation

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