Skillset Development: Once you land on a job with a let say a big fortune 500 company. Congratulations! Depending on whether you are a quick learner or not, you end up mastering the job within a year, and people that are stuck at these jobs – never add any new skill to their skillset. They only know what they know because they are surrounded by the same people, same technologies. Whereas working with a consulting firm, you get exposed to multiple technologies and builds you as a professional in all areas giving you the exposure you need to grow and take on leadership positions. Many successful IT Contractors have gone on to start their own businesses with the connections and relationships they built over time.

H1B Visa Dependent Consultants: When you are on an H1B Visa or any other Visa which requires holding a position, it makes it very unpredictable in terms of job security. The Fulltime client may terminate your visa and get you back on the search process, which can be very daunting and stressful as many of these families purely depend on a single person’s income since the spouse cannot perform work on their H4 status. However, when you perform work for an IT Consulting firm, it becomes easier for you switch projects without affecting your H1B visa status. Unless the IT Consulting firm does not have any projects for you which is very rare with the current need of IT personnel in the US.

Networking: When you are in an IT Consulting environment, you end up meeting a lot of people, these relationships could be priceless over the years, they remember you. And you build these connections can help you gain decision making & hiring managerial contacts for future employment opportunities and for many other reasons. Business relationships could ultimately benefit you over time and this is especially true for a lot of our consultants who have taken challenging positions and filled complex roles for our customers.

Job Search: Networking plays a key role in a job search when you are looking to switch from a fulltime company you realize that you have been in a bubble all the while, don’t know people, nobody knows you. When you come out to the market, connections matter a lot, whereas, during the job search for an IT Consultant, it’s a lot easier considering their relationships with existing companies, they can easily find work.

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