There are plenty of information available on the internet about the H1B transfer and it is really tough for any person to read through the entire process and comprehend its meaning. So, we’ve narrowed it down only to the essential information an applicant needs to know during the H1B transfer.

  • Anybody with an H1B visa is permitted to change jobs, but he/she must update the USCIS of the change in his/her employment status.
  • There is no requirement to get authorization from the current company to transfer the H1B visa and ultimately there is no need to inform the current company when an individual is applying for an H1B transfer.
  • The current company cannot collect information about the H1B details with the new company via any agencies like the USCIS, Dept. of labor, etc.
  • There is a restriction on the number of times a person can apply for the H1B transfer.
  • Though it is not a wise move to apply for an H1B transfer with multiple employers simultaneously; it is legal.
  • Two or three paychecks from the previous company are enough to apply for an H1B transfer.
  • The H1B Visa stamp is not essential to show that a person has an approved H1B Visa. The H1B Visa stamp is useful only to enter into the US, the H1B status is essential to work in the United States for the applying employer(s).
  • As soon as a person receives an H1B approval from the new company, he/she can start working legally.

Why should h1b holders transfer to consulting firms?

  • The well-established consulting firms have a highly talented and experienced team of technical recruiters, a dynamic marketing team & resourceful managers who can help the candidate find the most suitable job based on his/her qualifications and specifications.
  • They use the advent of Social Media and technology to draw clients towards their talented IT consultants.
  • They are always available for their clients and employees. So anyone can reach out to them for any kind of queries. They’ll try their level best to get it sorted in a swift manner.
  • They also initiate Green Card Processes based on employment for eligible employees by obeying the USDOL and USCIS rules from the first day of the candidate’s employment.

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