Tips for Working with a Recruiter

​1. Build Great Relationships 
Many views working with a staffing firm as a necessary evil rather than viewing them as a trusted business partner. This is because a great relationship has not been built neither has credibility been established. Focus on creating a great relationship to create an optimal environment for successful placement.   Great relationships lead to effective communication.

2. Communicate with Your Recruiter
A great relationship will help establish an environment for valuable and honest communication. These communications are excellent opportunities to showcase interpersonal skills such as diplomacy, active listening and willingness to hear diverse perspectives. Help the recruiter feel confident in sending you to any job interview. Define the best methods for the Recruiter to reach you-phone, email, text, Hangouts, etc. Set periodic follow-ups. Keep lines of communication open. Getting you a great job is a team effort and open lines of communication are essential.

3. Trust recruiters to do their job
Locating the best opportunity for you might take some time. Remember we always deliver with your best interest in mind.  Give them your trust that they will guide you in the right direction. Have Your ‘Ducks in a Row’ Before Starting the Recruiting Process - Set your priorities straight. More focused you are, quicker is the placement process. 

4. Be Honest:
Our recruiters are there to guide you. They are your career resources and are trusted advisors for you. It is also critical that you’re truthful about your employment history, including any previous employment problems, gaps in employment or potentially incriminating information. The more candid you are about what you’re looking for, the better equipped your recruiter will be to find a job that meets your needs

5. Be open-minded. 
Even if you’re looking for a permanent, full-time job be open to temporary or contract work. These positions could help you get experience in a new field, enhance your skills or get your foot in the door at a new company. Not to mention the possibility of temporary positions often get extended and sometimes turn into full-time positions.

6. Keep in touch even after you've landed a job
A recruiter may become a lifelong career advocate. You never know when you might be in search of a new job, so if you click with your recruiter, attempt to stay in touch with him or her for the long term. This can be as simple as an email every six months to remain on their radar. This also allows you to offer up referrals and possibly help a colleague of yours out, as well.

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