Interview Preparation

Preparation beforehand is essential. Do your research on the company and the job and have all the necessary documents available. Review these interview preparation tips so you can go into your interview with confidence.

  1. Do some research 
    It will help you be prepared. Check the company's website for the company's culture, or anywhere else you can get reliable information on the company. Also, look into a job search portals where former and current employees talk about their jobs it will be helpful to get an idea of what to expect.
  2. Research your interviewer 
    If you know the name of the person, who is going to interview you make sure to look up that person. Search them on LinkedIn for the interviewer's profile.

  3. Organize your questions for the interviewer
    Prepare some questions for the interviewer that demonstrates your knowledge of the company. You should at least have 2-4 questions ready to ask when the interviewer asks you do you have any queries.
  4. Do a mock interview 
    Consider doing a mock interview with a family member or a friend. The practice will be helpful and will give you some confidence. Ask for feedback on your body language and your answers. 

  5. Dress smart
    A clean and neat professional appearance is an essential step in making an excellent first impression. Do opt for wrinkle-free dresses if possible.

  6. Organized 
    Put all the necessary documents in order so, when the interviewer asks you for specific materials, you are not all over the place. Go over your cover letter and your resume. Make sure your resume aligns wells and organized for the reader to read it. 

  7. Practice making eye contact 
    You can practice making eye contact with your family member or a friend by only having a conversation with them. It is crucial to make eye contact with your interview, but at the same time allow yourself to break occasionally. 

  8. Prepare for "tell me about yourself" question 
    Most interviewers begin interviews with this question so, make the most out of it. So how do you respond to this question? Well, don't talk about where you were born to how many pets you own now. Try to focus on your key selling points.

  9. Don't give up 
    If you had a bad interview before that didn't go well. Reflect that interview and see why it didn't go well and fix those things.

Practice makes everything perfect. So keep practicing and never give up on yourself.   

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